Yes, I am also singer! I didn’t expect that until one day having a conversation with my sister-in-law about her wedding day (with my brother of course) she wanted to do something special. She sings classic music, and joking I said her to sing a duet! But it was not a joke… I never ever sang before (only in the shower like everybody), so when I arrived home I started thinking about that important deal… How are you gonna sing in front of hundred people in the most important brother’s day in his life if you have no idea how to sing??!! So I started looking for singing lessons in google 😉

That was 10 years ago (and more hair in my head), and singing became one of my main jobs and something that I love and makes me happier. I created my own music band and I started singing in cafes, restaurants and big bands. I love to sing jazz standards and ballads, but also I enjoy singing pop or anything with some kind of rhythm!

Never it’s late to start something 😉

Please contact for further information: 0451052950