I was born in Lleida, a small city in the north east of Spain, a Friday the 20th of August in 1982 under the sign of Leo. The Beastmaster, directed by Don Coscarelli, was one of the most viewed movies released in that year while Different Seasons by Stephen King was one of the best selling books. Princess Grace died at the age of 52 and Michael Jackson released his famous Thriller.

Loved to play and fight with my older brother Oscar, I grew up in a lovely worker family who gave me all that I am nowadays. A passionate dreamer who used to spend hours in my room thinking how amazing would be being like my idol Son Goku from Dragon Ball, and drawing linear houses draws.

Tennis was my other passion. I started playing at the age of 9 and although I never achieved big results as a player, I worked hard to become a professional of that amazing sport, which is today, my lifestyle and will be there forever.

Dogs lover, and when I say lover means strongly mad for them. Tayla, my first one and Leo, my second one, part of my life.