Our goal is to engage and inform audiences with quality, simplicity and creativity using motion animations. No matter your budget, needs or deadline. We love to make move our graphic creations. Based in Sydney but working around the world, just ask us what you need and we will provide you the best solution.

Firstly Motion Animations Sydney is a bunch of creative and enthusiastic group of people working together in Sydney. Therefore we produce the best video solutions for your company or Institution. For that reason we work in Sydney and Australia.

In other words, we produce videos from scratch. Because of that, motion animations and explainer videos.

Above all, we deliver tutorials, advertisements, promotional videos or institutional videos.

Motion Animations in Sydney will put together all your needs, because we will deliver the best product within your budget.

Secondly we have tons of experience working for live events. As well as tv shows, big or small productions. In the other hand we news or anything related with video.

Altought we are specialised in 2D motion animations, also further working closely with our Graphic Designers. However we can create anything you need according to your branding and style. As a result you will get the best video!

Likewise, Food and lifestyle Ivan Fernandez Media in Sydney has a strong career in video solutions.

And most importantly, we work in all areas in Sydney, furthermore Australia and Europe. Likewise completely online or onsite, but with our talented videographers, producers and directors.

During brainstorming, also storyboard design, locations and the best video and audio equipment you need. Again food & style videos sydney 2D motion animations Ivan Fernandez Media Group is more than a freelance, meanwhile is a team of professionals working together. For instance we deliver the best media solution. For example, trying to produce animations according with the company's branding.

In conclusion, to get the best video product you need to contact today to Ivan Fenandez Media.